Spring Weddings

New flowers, new loves, the promise of nice season ahead, the fresh air, the blue sky, waking up after a long cold winter... these are the things that make spring so special...
And even though the sun gets warmer, it's still pale... in this season I love playing with soft colours. Not too aggressive, delicate flowers, like Roses or Lisianthus!

I absolutely adore these pink roses, they are so delicate and so romantic... if you manage to get your hands over roses like these, you don't need much else. Just a couple of nice crystal or antique pots, and you have achieved a fantastic natural result.
Leave the more sophisticated flower arrangements for the summer and the winter and  play simple!
A bounch of lilly of the valley as a bouquet and off you go to the Altar!

You can alternate flower bouquets to candle holders, the important thing is to create different heights and use contrasting colours and materials. For example in the image below from Galateo cream candles have been matched to white flowers, as the use of white candles would have given a flat result.

If you prefer traditional flower arrangements, dare with the colour, and mix different flowers. The centrepiece here below, has Peonies, Roses, Carnations and Hydrangea in it. they are all different shades of pink.

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