a bon ton wedding dress

Unfortunately I'm not sure about the credits to be given to this pictures
and I don't have any info about the dress
 I found the picture  on cape cod collegiate. 

Tips on the colour scheme - Crazy About Weddings

In my experience as a wedding planner the colour scheme of a wedding should be at least at least 2 colours, even better if 3.
When I see one-colour -only weddings they appear to me not only flat, but also heavy and I know straight away the design in not professional.

So if you are after a delicate, and sophisticated look for your wedding, trust me, add the extra colour/s! 

The multicoloured scheme is usually more subtle and appears more refined to the eye. Often though I I prefer to add  3rd colour to finish off the palette and a 4th for the accents.

In this wedding here below I have used a combination of pink grey and olive green, that I have mixed  and matched. For the stationery I've used olive green and pink ribbon, for the bridal party grey and pink. The flowers combined all this colours, the green used was always silver green, flowers where mainly pink and white, and I went further adding  some accents of purple lavender, that worked a treat to lift the look.

The wedding was celebrated in the Italian countryside and the pictures here below are by Morlotti Studio. Flower arrangements and stationery by me - Elena - 

for bridal bouquet "sweet pea" and for flower girl basket just lavender

the dresses are grey for the bridesmaid and pink for the flower girl who is carrying a lavender basket

seating chart in potted mixed herb garden

Wedding stationery in silvered green (olive green) and pink

bridesmaids bouquet with berries lysianthus rosemary and lavender


Bare looking church with olive tree adornment

A goddess like bridesmaid - Crazy About Weddings

Bridesmaids in pink with flat sandals

Nude goddess sandals to match a pink pastel scheme, it's the perfect relaxed, yet sophisticated look for bridesmaids in spring summer 2014.
This shade of pink has been toned down by the dahlia bouquets, where the white and the green really balance the look. 

The perfect bridal hair-do - Crazy About Weddings

The perfect hair do for winter Brides - 
A sleek low bun-knot, elegant classy and yet simple

A Tuscan Wedding - Crazy About Weddings

Romantic palette...  

Sweet pea and lily of the valley - wedding bouquet by Ortensia Weddings- pictures by jules-photographer

Centrepiece  by Ortensia Weddings- pictures by jules-photographer

Olive trees to open the way to the bride - Crazy about weddings

For this wedding in the Tuscan countryside we just used 2 simple with olive trees. I think it's beautiful!

by Ortensia Weddings

a white wedding - Crazy About Weddings

New wedding season - 21st april 2012 - by Ortensia Weddings

Calla lily, roses and hydrangea - variation on the white theme

white bridal bouquet 

silver and white wedding outfit - Crazy about weddings

Simple, classy but different... don't you think?

Wedding dress e Le spose di gio'
Earrings Kenneth Jay Lane
Shoes Jimmy Choo
Collage by Elena - Ortensia Weddings

blue wedding + DIY tip - Crazy About Weddings

Not sure if you girls still like blue as a wedding theme, my brides loved it 2 years ago... but hey! I still adore it!
See some good ideas here below and a little bit of DIY if you are up for it.
Careful that delphinium comes in two different shades, make sure you order the right one, or both if you want to combine them like in some of the pictures below.
Talk soon,

blue delphinium eclectic centrepiece
via style files and Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart and Santa Barbara Chic

DIY delphinium garland
via desingsponge 

Inspired by Gillian

sweet tea escort cards by Southern Fried Paper

Sweetletter Press Photography by Jena Walker

thinking about a beautiful church

not sure about the credits for this picture... if anyone know, please write to me.

Have a fabulous one - Crazy about weddings

silver glassware pink fabric and white hydrangea and pink peonies for on this elegant table setting