More about Winter Weddings

I like using colourful lights to create sophisticated atmospheres, a different colour for each moment of the day

Tulips are just my favourite flowers! So simple and so beautiful! They are also quite versatile as they can be used for elegant or more country settings. They colours are so bright and pure. For a winter setting I suggest to use only white ones, but sometimes also the red ones can work well.
Mini cakes.. mon amour! Placed on a multilevel plate just look amazing. Just talked to your bakery and ask them to prepare a couple as a sample (you wouldn’t be able to do that with a big traditional cake!) and then browse antique markets to find the perfect plate... porcelain, glass or silver ones work very well!

For a Christmas wedding you cannot get away without favors! With all the money spent on a weddings there are 2 things you must never forget: a little present for your guest and the thank you note afterwards!

It doesn't have to be expensive, it can be personal like a poems book or a CD, it could be funny or luxury. Do it the way you like it but do it!

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