A Winter Wedding

I love winter weddings, I love those cosy villas, with big fireplaces, and beautiful chandeliers. An elegant champagne reception and then a warm room decorated with candles and sophisticated flower decorations. Around Christmas especially, lights, strings of pearls, crystals, it's so much fun playing with it!!

At Christmas the atmosphere already is magical and it takes only a little touch to make it unforgettable.

Things that you cannot forget!

* Candles, many many candles! They are never enough! If you don't want to invest a huge amount of money we suggest you visit IKEA and fill a couple of trolleys!
* I use lots of lights - I love using plain white or golden lights for the whole reception and use a colourful lights only for the moment of the cake. Strings of lights are perfect to decorate a tree outside the venue (you can look from the window of you warm wedding reception)
* Colourful lights can be used at moment of the cake, to create a sophisticated atmosphere: prepare a white tulle gazebo and light it up with a purple light.
* Lots of icing sugar, just like snow..
* Orange flavoured chocolate, chilly chocolate, mint chocolate, black chocolate, violet flavoured chocolate, just make sure not to run out of it!

At Christmas I like playing with neutral and impure colours (with the exception of red!) match them up to create soft and sparkling atmospheres, here my suggestions:

* Bronze and cream
*White, purple and grey
* Silver and white
* Gold - brown - cream or white
* Red! Red! Red!

I like choosing seasonal flowers for my weddings, so take this list and visit your florist. Ask them to show you the selection of winter flowers, I also put beside each flower the colours I would choose for a winter wedding.
* Tulips (white!)
* Amaryllis (white or red)
* Anemone (white, pink and purple)
* Daffodil (white, please!)
* Hyacinth (white and purple)
* Ranunculus (white and pink)
* Roses (red, white, and purple)
* Orchids (white, red, brown, and purple)
* Lisianthus (white, pink and purple)
* Sweet pea (white and purple)
* Orange three flowers (white!)

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