A brooch, an antique radio and a bunch of wedding details

I love this wedding inspiration shooting in each and every detail.
And there are plenty!!

First of all, I love this flower. What I love the most of it? That tiny polka dot veil, so cute!

Never seen such a detail before, colored tissues for Tears of Joy that may drop down during celebration or speeches. Great idea!

A gorgeous antique radio as a sitting chart stand.

A great centerpiece and many little jars and silver pots as table further decoration

Oh so lovely!!! A decorated antique plate and a vintage brooch on the tissue

Customized doley...just another cute thing to keep in mind.

Dangling paper lanterns look like a sparkling rain to me.

Photo Ansel Dobbs
Questo shooting mi piace tantissimo; ogni singolo dettaglio รจ delizioso e ce ne sono davvero tanti. Tutti da ricordare e utilizzare al momento buono!!

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great post...fab pictures