Luciano and Phaeng Thai wedding

Surprise! Here's a sneak peek of my friends' wedding that took place last week on Koh Pangan, a tiny wonderful island of Thailand.
Luciano is from Italy and Phaeng is from Chiang Mai, and they run the loveliest of boutique restors on the island!
They chose to become a family with a buddhist rite in a gorgeous location in Koh Pangan. Their wedding it's been magic to me, I was sooo happy to be there and share the moment with them.
Not to mention their venue: long tables on the beach (the closest to the ocean you can eat!), on the tables runners made of traditional cloths and lanterns. Candles were all over the place making their best creating a fairy athomsphere. Everything was perfect and soo romantic.

The wedding parade. The bride is waiting for her groom on top of the stairs...

That's the moment of the rite I loved the most: a bond of minds and souls

The new born family
The guests relaxing before the evening venue...(not that bad!)

The wedding reception on the beach

Exhotic tablescape

Happily ever after!!
Thanks to Adchareeya for all the pics!


susy said...

Magic! What was the menu like??


We had a traditional Thai cousine menu, quite different from Thai cousine we're used in Europe, but the chicken pat thai and the fish steamed in banana leaves were gorgeous!!

And Koh Panghan is an enchanting island. A place to add to your I-want-to-be-there list.