Candles candles candles

Yesterday's last pic made me think of how romantic candles are. They're the simpliest of decorations, but can create such an intimate and romantic athmosphere, at every latitude and in every season.
If you're thinking of a summer garden wedding, candles will light up the night as lovely fireflies. Either way, if you're dreaming of a winter wedding venue, your candles will create a warm and cozy athmosphere just like in a Christmas tale.
And the best thing of candles is that you can have MANY!
The more you'll have, the better you'll feel!

Isn't that a dream?

Photo Morlotti Studio

That's my wedding, I used lanterns along the way that took us to the aisle...and back. I loved it!

via Alkeemi
That's a lovely idea!!
Table setting: Elisabetta Cardani
My wedding again: the dessert table. 100 candles and counting, I was sooo surprised to have such an awesome table.

Sparklers are also adorable! Perfect to light up the way to your dream.


dirdre said...

your wedding was lovely!!

Kimia Kline said...

glad you liked the candle pics :)


I love all your posts! I follow your blog daily and I definitely like your style and your creations.
Thanks for your comment...I know you've just got married (me too!) but I hope you come again.