The Morning Suit

Hi Everyone,  I hope you are enjoying Patrizia's posts as much as I do! As more and more Grooms are asking us to help them with their outfits, I deided to dedicate this week to Formal Men's Wear.
I have to say the more I look into it the more I find this universe fascinating...
I will start from one of the most traditioanl choice - The Morning suit

Photo- Morlotti Studio

WHEN: traditionally used if the celebration has to take place before 12:00.

WAISTCOAT: can be single or double breasted (see picture above) dark or light colour

SHIRT: white traditional shirt or white wing collar shirt

WHO: When you decide to go for this type of outfit, the Groomsmen and the fathers has to wear one too.

Shoes – black leather polished oxford shoes – always wear lace-up shoes
Socks: Black or dark grey silk calf-length socks only
Tie: a plain silk plastron/cravat or a tie. Whatever tie you go for has to be a plain light colour or jacquard.
If you are using a tie pin, wear a white wing collar shirt
Cufflinks and boutonnière (or Handkerchief - not both!)
Hat & Gloves

Pal Zileri - Modern & tighter cut for a Morning suit

HOW TO: never open the jacket – never take it off
The best way to wear the hat is not to wear it: one glove should stay on the hand that holds the other glove and the hat. 
Only 2 cm of the shirt should be visibl from the sleeve
LOGISTICS. For a wedding abroad. You can hire the ones for the groomsmen and have your one tailor-made.
MATCH THE BRIDE: ideal choice if the Bride has an important and or a very traditional dress.

Shoes - Magli


Olivia said...

Hi Elena, I love men in Morning Suit and I'd love to have them all dressed up in Morning Suit at my wedding next September.
I have a question: if my future husband, his father and Groomsmen are going to be in Morning Suit, do all the male guests have to wear a morning suit as well?

article said...

I really love it when men are elegantly dressed up especially during these type of occasions. Men in morning suits definitely is a very nice sight to see. A well dressed man is like looking at a store window - it has everything that you dreamed of. But let us not forget the simple and yet elegant accessory that men should have on these type of occasions that I believe are cufflinks.You can add spice and glamor to that simple and yet elegant wardrobe by adding a crystal cufflink on his ensemble.