Bridal shower picnic

Being a bride is not only about wedding day.
Bridal shower is one of the best thing about wedding.
It’s all about pink, pastel colors, gossip, sweets and carbs (you can indulge, it's your party!) with your best girlfriends!
I think a picnic is a great idea for a bridal shower.
If you want to double the fun everything can be hand-made by you and your friends. Little pies, salads in little jars, tiny cakes and candies are easy to prepare and to eat sitting on the grass. Put everything into colored pastry boxes and you're done.
Send your friends here for some lovely ideas!

Photo: Umberto Armiraglio


Laila said...

This is a fantastic idea! I think I'll go for a chic pic-nic! I love the little quiches in the green box. Where can I find those boxes do catering company normally organize pic-nics?
Thanks for sharing this, Patrizia!

Patrizia said...

Hi Laila. Yes, catering companies can organize picnics, they can also provide the boxes. But if you want to diy you can find those boxes in pastry shops suppliers.
Have a nice day Laila and keep reading us!