(green) Apple themed wedding - Crazy About Weddings

apple seating charts
apple and pink centrepiece via wedding bee 
apple seating chart via my wedding.com

via divasandweddings.com
venue decoration


Carla said...

I was thinking about a seating chart like one of these but I have too many guests... ideas?

ELENA said...

Try and organise the apples in baskets or boxes: 1 basket for each table one apple for each guests. Then print a table list with all the names of the guests seating at each table and stick it on the box or baskets, it'l be easy for the guests to find their seats and their apple!

Barbara Palmisano said...

utilizzare le mele è proprio una bella idea!

ELENA said...

Grazie Barbara!

Kathy said...

Ohh that's so cute... I might have to rethink my wedding theme. Thanks for posting this.