Fabulous new Collection for Acquachiara

What's the trend for Bridal fashion in 2011? I'm definitely inspired by the new 2011 collection of bridal dresses designed by Acquachiara. I love this atelier, for it's elegance and sophisticated design. 

The Bride in 2011 will definitely romantic but also inspired by arts, in fact these collection is named after  art museum and strong art related areas all over the world. I think this bridal dress collection is very innovative, and definitely deserves a post on my blog!

The vintage inspiration in 2011 will be is very strong too, but we have talked about it in many posts in the last few months.

Bridal dress by Acquachiara - 2011 collection -
Bridal fashion trends foe

Brdal Dress by Aquachiara -
collection 2011 - Montmartre  

2011 Bridal Fashion by Acquachiara - Pigalle 

Moma and Guggenheim two proposal from
the 2011 Acquachiara Bridal collection - 


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