DIY Bouttonière

I'd call this post Scent of a groom.
Have a look a this adorable bouttonière made of herbs and berries. It's so cute and it's so delicate with its slight herbal scent. It would be lovely for a late summer outdoor wedding and since it can be crafted by the bride herself, you have time to practice starting
(I'd need one or two months to craft it properly, but I'm a disaster in manual art, actually I'm sure you can make it in a week or two!)
Here's your freebie. Enjoy it!


Lovely123 said...

Lovely bouttonieres... they are a great idea for my country-chic wedding!

Laura@trendinozze said...

hey these are lovely!
Grazie per i tuoi carinissimi complimenti sul mio blog, divento rossa!