Birdcage veils

I'm more and more in love with birdcage veils I think they're the most sophisticated of accessories. Having seen many in the last few months, I knew I prefer vintage style birdcage veils. Then, I bumped into this one here and my heart skipped a beat: it's not just a birdcage veil, it's a tiny hat with flowers and a little veil on it!! If I'd have it, I'd wear it everyday...

Photo Wrinkle in Time Photography
I also love the idea to use a birdcage veil for the "something blue" tradition. It's an original pick to match a short and unconventional will give you a lovely pop style.
Design Silvana di Franco
..and may be your dream come true, if that's what you had on your head since you were a little girl...


Queni said...

U good a very nice BLOG!!

Congrats!! said...

geniali come sempre.
sul mio blog ho pubblicato un reportage sulle sfilate di Parigi.
Attendo un tuo parere.
Nicola freshONpr


fantastici...lo stile retrĂ² sta per travolgerci