Another country wedding on Tuscan hills

This week I'm definitely head over (Tuscan) hills for country style, en plein air wedding receptions.
Here's another wedding that would feel at home in Tuscany: rustic but sophisticated, and filled with all those little unexpected treasures you wouldn't expect (not so many, at least).
I love each and every detail of this wedding...and that table...oh that table setting is soo romantic.
Soft flowers on a wooden naked table. Strenght and gentleness melt together.
Isn't that the inner nature of marriage?

Burlap, succulents and flowers for one of the most delicate bouquet on earth.

Perfectly matching with the wedding theme: the sitting chart

Photo Heather Curiel
Tomorrow I'm leaving for one of my best friends' wedding on a little island of Thailand.
He's going to get married on Friday on the beach with a Buddhist rith. I'm sooo happy and I just can't wait! I'll take my camera and post some pics when I come back.
Elena is going to post here on Crazy about weddings, I just can't wait to come back and read her posts.
Talk to you in a week, I think I'm going to miss your comments and this blog A LOT!

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Lucy said...

Have a lovely time, Patrizia!