A rustic elegant wedding

After my last posts I decided to concentrate on the sweetest side of life (literally) this week...
BUT while looking for that, I've found this wedding coming directly from Wonderland for those of you who don't like pastel colors and love being different!

Fresh flowers bouquets have always picked my sweet tooth, but lately I started looking at succulent plants bouquets with a certain curiosity. They're uncommon and unconventional, I think I definitely like this one here.

While I'm sure I love this table setting. It's adorable for a wedding filled with rustic elegance. Musk, mushrooms, lily of the valley and pharmacy jars. Great and never seen before!

And eventually....the dessert table. Dark green, brown and bronze. Extremely elegant colors for the most original of desserts tables!
Photo Oh Darling!
Styling Merci New York

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