A wedding by the sea - Part II

A few more details from one of the weddings I love the most.

The little blue fish was the wedding theme. Here's the main course buffet with a bunch of blue fish cought in the net.

Pachino tomatoes and pink roses in vintage jars.
Cought in the net!

Grilled with a few drops of Italian olive oil.
And...eventually The Wedding Cake!

Photo: Umberto Armiraglio

My adorable husband woke me up this morning with a surprise week end in our little home in Liguria, just a few miles from where this wedding party took place.
Have a lovely week end too and see you on Monday!!


deirdre said...

Lucky you! have a great one!


Thanks Deirdre! I'll do my best!! Hope the sun is just as committed as I am...

info said...

have a good week end Patrizia, your blog are amazing!!!