A totally different wedding car

What a nice Monday in Milan today!
The bright light outside my window reminds me that spring is finally here and I definitely love spring weddings, filled with sun and so romantic details.
Imagine your wedding party in a Villa on an Italian lake, or in enchanting Ischia or - then again - in the historic centre of Rome.
Imagine those tiny roads leading you to an ancient little Church or to your wedding venue.
For short distance rides on a bright sunny day, one of the most original ideas to make your way around is an Ape Car or a vintage Vespa.
That's a picture I took at my friend's wedding, last spring. There she is, getting out a decorated Ape Car: unconventional, lovely and so romantic!


Anonymous said...

I love Ape Cars!!

info said...

it's very funny, but I'm traditional, I prefer the vintage cars.