It is absolutely worth having a very good photographer at the ceremony and the reception, when people relax, dance and have fun... all the nicest details will be at the reception, centrepieces, the cake, etc.

It is worth extra money going for a GOOD photographer.

For example we like photographers that do not interrupt the day at all and let our clients enjoy their families and friends. We do not like too many staged pictures, we firmly believe that the emotions of a day should come out from real moments, spontaneously not artificially and for this reason we suggest certain suppliers and not others.

Before selecting one, ask to see previous jobs, having a look at their album is important. Some photographers make terrible ones!! Ask lots of questions, and give them a long brief before the day. Tell them the pictures you want, the style you like, tell them to take pictures of the details, like flowers etc. Tell them if you would like to have pictures of all the guests, picture of the first dance, etc.

List everything that is important for you. Keep the staged pictures to a maximum of 30 minutes, enough time of formal family pictures etc. A couple of nice pictures of the two of you and then go and enjoy the party, the best pictures will be taken there! When you are happy and smile at friends...

Photo Morlotti Studio

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